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Man gets beatdown from two former wives after marrying their third sister

By Mason White 3:41 AM February 20, 2013
Three sister were married to the same man 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
In a weird love triangle, a man married three sisters from one family.

At first, the man married the two older sisters but things did not work out. The man divorced the two sisters. He then asked their third sister to marry him and she agreed.

A Pakistani man named Adnan, angered his two former wives after he married their third sister, that they beat him up.

The women alleged that Adnan, kidnaped their sister and forced her to marry him, according to local press reports.

The beating occurred outside a courtroom in Gujranwala, Pakistan.
Adnan was standing with his wife when her sisters attacked him.

Muhammad Riaz, who is the father of the three women, filed a complaint with the court that Adnan, had kidnapped his youngest daughter, Anum, and married her by force.

At the hearing, Judge Mansoor Ahmed Khan, ruled in favor of his son-in-law Adnan, after he heard testimony from Anum, who said she had married Adnan voluntarily.

The judge disposed of the appeal filed by the woman’s father.

Riaz and his two older daughters tried to convince their daughter Anum, to leave her new husband and come home with them.

After refusing to join them, the trio beat Adnan with anything they could get their hands on, including a brick from a nearby building, according to witnesses.

Adnan escaped the assault with the help of police officers and his family members who were there with him.