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21-year-old father arrested for biting his newborn baby in hospital

By Mason White 12:35 PM February 20, 2013
Matthew Wayne Strawn 

By: Shifra Unger
A young father was ordered to stay away from his newborn son, after he bit the baby in the hospital.

21-year-old Matthew Wayne Strawn, was spending time bonding with his 11-day-old baby, who was in intensive care unit at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, in Virginia.

Strawn, works in an administrative position at the medical center. When a nurse came by to check on the baby, the nurse saw bite marks on the newborn’s face and back.

Caring for a newborn baby is not easy, but while in the hospital, it is the job of the nurses to care for the newborn. If a parent feels overwhelmed with caring for the baby they can call a nurse to take the baby back to the nursery.

Police were called to Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, on a report of possible abuse. The Naval Medical Center staff, informed police that the baby was with Strawn, in a private hospital room so they could spend some time together and bond, according to press reports.

After police interviewed Strawn, officers believed that he had bitten his son. Strawn was arrested and charged with child abuse and assault. A restraining order was filed against Strawn, stating that he was not allowed near his son.

A hospital spokesperson said that the baby is in good condition and was taken home by his mother.