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Drunk man arrested for making love to an ambulance

By Mason White 6:06 PM February 20, 2013

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) While being drunk, some people do very weird things, sometimes making for great entertainment for everyone around.

25-year-old Calum Ward, was caught on surveillance camera making out with an ambulance.

At first, Ward was seen setting a bag of peanuts on fire.

Then, Ward went over to a parked ambulance, pushed himself against it and simulating a sex act, according to the police report.

Ward has been convicted of drug possession, being drunk in public and disorderly conduct.

Ward was sentenced to a community service, six months probation and was ordered to pay $90.

This is not the first time a man was caught “having sex” with an object.

Robert Stewart, 51, was caught trying to have sex with his bicycle. He was arrested and later sentenced to three years probation.

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