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Disney World employee arrested for sexually abusing children

By Mason White 9:18 AM February 24, 2013
Matthew Sepik 

By: Eva Fett
When taking kids to Disney World, parents expect it to be kids friendly and a safe environment.

It is creepy to have an employee working at Disney World, who abuses young children and might look at children in a sexual manner.

One employee at Disney Word has been suspended without pay after Orange County police, in Orlando Florida, arrested him for sexually assaulting two young children.

20-year-old Matthew Sepik, who worked at the theme park is accused of sexually assaulting two young children for years.
So far, two victims came forward.

Sepik did not meet these victims while working at Disney World. Sepik molested a boy and a girl who were under 12, according to his arrest report.

The report detailed the inappropriate behavior that occurred during a period of five years. Investigators recorded a call between the victim and Sepik before he was arrested.