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Man spanks his tenant’s behind with a belt for not paying rent

By Mason White 9:26 AM February 24, 2013
Ron Kronenberger 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested for spanking his tenant with a belt on his exposed behind.

The 53-year-old man from Ohio, has been charged after he allegedly spanked his tenant because the victim was late on his rent.

Ron Kronenberger, decided to teach one of his tenants a lesson when the man fell behind on his $2,800 rent, according to police.

Kronenberger, told his 29-year-old tenant: “if you are going to act like a child, I would treat you like one.” That’s when he struck the victim repeatedly on the behind with a belt, according to police reports.

Kronenberger, owns Hometown Market Grocery, and is a former president of the area’s Chamber of Commerce. He was voted Citizen of the Year in 2006 in Waynesville, Ohio.

According to reports, the tenant was called into the office of his landlord inside his grocery store. After a confrontation, the tenant was so afraid of his landlord, that he just followed Kronenberger, orders to remove his pants and bend over on a chair. Then, Kronenberger, carried out the bizarre punishment.

Officers, took photographs of the man’s injuries which show red stripes across his behind.

When confronted by police, Kronenberger admitted to spanking his tenant, according to Police Chief Gary Copeland.

Kronenberger has been charged with assault.

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