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Garbage collector rescues puppy from inside garbage bag

By Mason White 12:31 PM February 25, 2013
Michael Upchurch with the puppy 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A garbage collector was dubbed a hero after he rescued a puppy which was thrown into the garbage by its owner.

As Michael Upchurch, from Indiana, was dumping garbage into the truck when he heard horrific cries coming from inside a garbage bag.
At first he thought his co-worker was hurt.

Upchurch, looked inside the bags and was horrified to find a starving puppy inside in the trash.

“I am pretty shook up from this,” Upchurch said. “Now every bag I dump I think what is in that bag,” Upchurch added.

Upchurch, rescued a six weeks old puppy from the garbage truck. He took the dog to the front of the truck and warmed it by the heat.

Upchurch, adopted the dog and named the it “Garby”.

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