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3 teenagers suffer severe burns after bicycle fire stunt goes wrong

By Mason White 12:47 PM February 26, 2013
Bike stunt gone wrong 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) Three teenagers got burned as their bicycle fire stunt failed.

Trent Forester and Shane Bentley, 15, along with a girl, tried to pull off a stunt by jumping through burning cardboard boxes at the “Stunt at Findon Skid Kids on Reserve Parade”.

The boxes were supposed to fall to the ground as the teenagers jumped through the fire with their bicycles. But the boxes failed to fall causing the teens to be trapped in the fire. They fell to the ground and the event organizers used blankets to extinguish the flames.

The St. John Ambulance team treated them at the scene and then took the three to the Hospital where they were treated.

Findon Skid Kids President, Mick Harley, said that the stunt went wrong because it was incorrectly set up. “We have been making the jump through fire for 55 years and from time to time, someone might get some burns,” he said.

The cardboard stunt is usually made up of two sheets joined together in the center so it breaks when it is hit. This time, they used cardboard that was a full sheet and they did not cut it in the center, causing the stunt to fail.

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