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Zombie teddy bears become the new hot item

By Mason White 5:25 PM February 27, 2013
Teddy bears  

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) Zombie product have become the latest hot item.

Cuddly teddy bears, used to be sold mostly as an item for young children. But now, talented British artist, Phillip Blackman, 45, gave teddy bears a unique spin.

Blackman described his creations as “Horrifically cute teddy bears hand zombified into quirky gifts for the zombie lover in your life.”

Some teddy bears appear to have ripped their hearts out of their own chests and holding their heart in their paws. The chest area is covered in blood with additional smears on the face and body. Some teddy bears have their midsection wide open, exposing bones and inner body.

“I can’t make them fast enough,” Blackman said. People buy them the moment they go on sale.
The zombie teddy bears cost between $70 and $140.

One Zombie bear was sold on ebay, with bids reaching nearly $400.

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