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Man calls police after wife accused him of child sexual assault

By Mason White 12:25 PM February 28, 2013
Tillman Clifton 

By: John Robert
A man got into trouble after his wife caught him with a young child.

The woman was very upset when she allegedly found her husband masturbating near a sleeping young girl.

The couple argued about the incident leading to the husband calling the police on his wife.

Tillman Clifton, 38, from Whitewater, Colorado, was upset when his wife accused him of molesting the child so he called police and reported her.

Police responded to the house and arrested the husband for sexual assault of a child, according to press reports.

Clifton’s wife told deputies, that she found her husband on the floor next to a couch where the child slept. His hand was under a blanket, with a towel and lotion on a table nearby, according to police reports.

Clifton denied the allegations and he told police that his was was simply “jumping to conclusions.” He also told police that the child was too young, if he was going to touch a girl it would’ve been an older one, according to the report.

The young child however told officers that Clifton has rubbed lotion on her while saying how much he loved her.

Clifton remains in jail without bail.