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Jewish and Mexican chefs create delicious gefilte fish tacos

By Mason White 2:57 PM February 28, 2013
Eric Greenspan and Roberto Treviño 

By: Moses Gold
Restaurant Chefs always look for new and exciting food to serve their customers.

Two experienced chefs came together to created what they believe will be the next big thing in the United States.

One chef is a Jewish man and the other is a Mexican man, together they created a mix of Jewish and Mexican foods such as gefilte fish tacos and taco knishes.

They call their brand El Ñosh, a mix of Yiddish and Spanish. The word nosh in yiddish means snack, the added word El, is to make it more exsotic and Mexican sounding.

Eric Greenspan is a Jewish man from California. He is a chef in Los Angeles at the The Foundry at Melrose. Roberto Treviño is originally from California and now runs four successful restaurants in Puerto Rico.

The two met when they were on the Food Network show, “The Next Iron Chef.” They worked well together and they worked together on creating delicious projects since then.

They showcased their Jewish/Mexican food dishes at the South Beach, Florida, Food & Wine Festival.

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