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Teacher forces 5-year-old black boy to be slave to white kids

By Mason White 7:06 PM February 28, 2013
Jamelle Young 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A teacher taught a lesson on slavery and forced the black boys to go up on a table to be sold to fair-skinned kids.

Jamelle Young from Alabama, is outraged after a teacher allegedly made her son represent the slaves during a kindergarten class lesson in slavery. The boy did not want to go on the auction table to be auctioned off.

The teacher at MacMillan International Academy in Montgomery, chose fair-skinned kids to represent the masters.

The teacher also allegedly gave the children a coloring sheet depicting a slave auction and told the students to go home and ask their parents if they “would ever return to slavery.”

“That is not a question to ask anyone, let alone a child of five-years-old,” Young said.

Young raised her concerns with the school principal, who said that the incident is being investigated.

Although, it is an ugly part of U.S. history that none of us care to remember, it is important that children of all races be aware to gain an appreciation of the diverse community in which we live today.

Young agrees that slavery should be taught, but it should be taught in the upper grades and definitely not by standing on a table getting auctioned off as a salve.

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