Orthodox Jewish woman sues matchmaker for claiming she doesn't like sex

Esther Gartenhaus 
By: Shifra Unger

An Orthodox Jewish woman sued her matchmaker after the matchmaker allegedly told numerous people in the community that she refused to have sex with her husband, according to a lawsuit filed in a Brooklyn, New York, court.

The New Jersey woman claimed that the Brooklyn matchmaker who introduced her to her now former husband has become a relentless gossiper about their sex life, in order to destroy their marriage and to ruin her chances of getting a new husband in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Frayda Basha Rubinov, 25, is suing 61-year-old Esther Gartenhaus for allegedly telling friends, family and even the rabbis that she "is unable to have sex," according to court documents.

Frayda married Abraham Rubinov in 2010, six months after the couple were brought together by Gartenhaus. Both are hearing impaired. The couple had a son, David.
When problems arose, Abraham ran to Gartenhaus, who is a close family friend.

The matchmaker turned herself into a marriage counselor and once refused to let Frayda leave Brooklyn after a weekend visit. She also told Frayda: "let your husband do to you what every husband wants to do to his wife."

When Abraham left his wife and son, Gartenhaus let everyone know why, Frayda alleges in a defamation lawsuit filed last week in federal court in Brooklyn.

Gartenhaus spread the word in Brooklyn and New Jersey, that "Frayda refused to have sex with her husband," according to court documents.