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New York to fight rat problem with birth control

By Mason White 6:07 PM March 3, 2013
Rats in New York City 

By: John Roberts
The rat problem in New York City is out of control so the City of New York has announced a new way to fight the problem, according to press reports in New York.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has issued a statement about their new way to target rats.

The MTA said it will now put rat bait containing birth control in certain select subway stations, specifically inside trash rooms.
New York City rats are known to love discarded pizza, bagels and French fries, so the challenge will be to get the bait to have the same flavor of their favorite food.

At the Flatbush-Atlantic Avenue subway station in Brooklyn, one passenger said he knows what the best tasting food for rats is.
“Trust me, throw some donuts in there and they will eat it,” he said.
He said that he thought that the rat bait is a good idea. “If they are doing it the right way it will be good,” he added.

Female rats start breeding at four months old, and give birth up to four times a year.
The rat birth control was tested in other areas and was found not to be harmful to humans or other animals.
The city will start using the birth control bait later this month.