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At least 7 injured after large fight breaks out at Arizona prison

By Mason White 5:55 AM March 4, 2013
Prison cell 

By: Moses Gold
A large fight broke out inside a U.S. prison that left several injured in hospitals, according press reports in Arizona.

The prison complex in Arizona is currently on lockdown after a fight broke out among the 400 inmates.

An Arizona Department of Corrections spokesperson, Bill Lamoreaux, said that prison officials were able to quickly stop the fight that broke out at 9:45 am Sunday at the Whetstone Unit of the Arizona State Prison Complex in Tucson.

Two prison staff members were slightly injured, while five other prisoners were taken to hospitals with serious injuries.
The prison is investigating the cause of the fight.

About 1,250 prisoners are housed in the Whetstone Unit. No prison inmates in the seven other units were involved in the fight.