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Terrorists arrested in Turkey after planning to attack synagogues and churches

By Mason White 12:02 PM March 4, 2013
Detained Al Qaeda terrorists 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Several men were arrested and charged with terrorism related charges after they planned to attack religious targets, specifically Jewish synagogues and Christian churches, according to police reports in Turkey.

11 members of Al Qaeda have been arrested in Istanbul, after a raid by special forces of Turkey, according to reports in a local Turkish newspaper.

The terrorists allegedly planned attacks against the U.S. embassy in Turkey, and a number of synagogues and churches around the country.

Some 22 kilos of explosives, five firearms and five handguns were captured during the raid on the terrorists.
There was no word if police plan to launch a thorough investigation.

Last month, the U.S. embassy in Ankara, was attacked. The explosion killed a security guard at the embassy and left one visitor wounded.

The leader of the subversive operation, Shanli Ecevit, who was a member of the Marxist terrorist group, Turkish People’s Liberation Party-Front, was also killed by police.