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Egypt hit with new locust plague as Jews prepare for Passover

By Mason White 1:25 PM March 4, 2013
Locusts hit Egypt 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) Just ahead of the Jewish holiday of Passover, Egypt is suffering a second coming of the plague, according to press reports in Israel.

Israel is on alert as swarms of destructive locust insects descended into neighboring Egypt, before the Passover holiday.
The Israel Ministry of Agriculture established a hotline on Monday and is asking of Israelis to be vigilant in reporting sightings of locusts to prevent an outbreak.

Locusts have a devastating effect on crop agriculture.
Swarms of locusts that descended to Egypt, is raising fears it could spread to neighboring Israel.

The locusts alert is being issued just before the Jewish holiday of Passover, which tells the biblical story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt. According to the Bible, a plague of locusts was one of the 10 plagues that God struck the Egyptians after enslaving and abusing the Jews.

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