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Palestinian car thief dressed as a religious Jew arrested

By Mason White 1:54 PM March 4, 2013
Car thief 

By: David Ross
A Palestinian man was arrested and charged with car theft related charges after stealing several cars while dressed as a religious Jew, according to court proceedings in Tel Aviv, Israel.

A police unit in northern Tel Aviv arrested a car thief wearing a yarmulke during the weekend. The man’s disguise had worked and he did not raise any suspicions in some neighborhoods of Ramat Aviv until stealing one particular car and tried to get the engine started.

The incident took place during the night between Thursday and Friday, after police received a complaint of two car thefts in the neighborhood of Ramat Aviv. Detectives from the northern Tel Aviv police station traced down the stolen cars to a parking lot and waited there until the thief came back for the cars.

Suddenly, police saw a young man dressed with a yarmulke coming to the parking lot and got into one of the stolen cars. The surprised detectives quickly approached him, assuming he was a religious Jew.

However, it soon became clear to the police that the head covering was simply an attempt to blend in in the neighborhood. The thief was identified by police as a 30-year-old Palestinian man.

The Tel Aviv Magistrate Court extended his detention pending the completion of the police investigation.