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Boy, 7, suspended from school after half eaten pop-tart looked like gun

By Mason White 4:01 AM March 5, 2013
Josh Welch 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A little boy was suspended from school after his half eaten pop-tart appeared to be shaped like a gun, according to press reports in Maryland.

The student in Baltimore was suspended during breakfast.

7-year-old Josh Welch was eating a pop-tart in school. A teacher saw the pastry and said that she thought it looked like it was shaping up into a weapon.

The teacher also said she heard Welch saying: “bang bang”, as he held it.
That was enough to get him suspended.

Welch said that his teacher has it all wrong. “It was already shaped like a rectangle when I took it out from the box and I kept biting off from the top. It had the shape of a gun, but it was not,” the boy said.
Welch said that he was trying to shape the pop-tart into a mountain but was stopped by the teacher.

The school sent a letter at the end of the day to parents explaining what happened and why they thought it was a threat, saying: “A student who uses food to make a gesture is inappropriate.”
Welch was suspended for two days.

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