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New York man arrested after stealing $180,000 worth of valuables from cemetery

By Mason White 4:51 AM March 5, 2013
Louis Peduto 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with theft related charges after being caught stealing thousands of dollars worth of valuables from a New York cemetery, according to a statement by the New York Police Department.

Bronx Police arrested the man accused of plundering tens of thousands of dollars in bronze mausoleums from the cemetery.

The incidents occurred over five days at St. Raymond’s Cemetery in the Throgs Neck section.
Authorities say the suspect, 56-year-old Louis Peduto, specifically targeted mausoleums, taking door handles, vents and nameplates netting him as much as $180,000.

“We have identified a suspect this weekend,” Safety Director Matt Horacio, said. “The suspect actually ran from security guards and dropped a bag of burglary tools that were inside a bag. The security guards also took photos of the suspect. The photos, the tools and all the other evidence were handed over to the New York Police Department,” he added.

Peduto was arrested on Tuesday night. It is unclear whether he was working alone or with others.
Police said that there has been a lack of security at the cemetery and the thefts went unnoticed until Monday.

Visitors were visibly upset that someone could steal from the dead and there were also new concerns about how to keep the site secure.

More than 4,000 people are buried in St. Raymond’s each year, the majority are Catholics.

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