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Woman without any driving experience saves bus after driver passes out

By Mason White 6:44 PM March 5, 2013
Janai Stafford 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A woman without any driving experience was able to step up to the plate and rescue an entire busload of passengers after the bus driver suddenly passed out at the wheel, according to press reports in Baltimore, Maryland.

Police confirmed that the woman, who saved the day when the bus driver became ill while behind the wheel, does not have a driver’s license.

A local television news station reported that Janai Stafford got on the bus in Baltimore, outside a Giant Supermarket. She noticed that the bus had a lot of children on board so she sat down in the front, near the driver.

Shortly after Stafford came aboard, the driver said: “Something is not right. I do not feel good. Something is not right.” Then, Stafford said: “He face just dropped on the wheel.”

Stafford acted quickly, embracing her inner action hero. She put her foot on top of the driver’s foot, slowing the bus down and drove it slowly to the side of the road. “It just happened. I put my foot on his foot, wrapped my arm around him and moved the bus over to the right side of the road,” she told the television news station.

Her action would be a heroic gesture for anyone, but Stafford’s quick thinking action was even more remarkable considering that she has no driver’s license. She told the television news station that knows how to drive a car, but does not yet have a permit yet.

“I was not even sure where the drivers foot rested,” she told the television news station. “I’m either going to press on the gas or press on the brake. Fortunately, I hit the brakes.” she added.
After this, a driving test will be a piece of cake.

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