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Police find woman carrying baby fetus inside plastic shopping bag

By Mason White 7:12 PM March 5, 2013
Woman carrying bags 

By: John Roberts
A woman was seen walking down a street with what appeared to be a fetus inside a plastic shopping bag, according to a statement by police in Maine.

Authorities are investigating what appeared to be a fetus the woman was carrying in a plastic bag while walking in downtown Bangor, according to a local television news station.

Police confronted the woman Friday afternoon after receiving a call that she had a fetus, Sergeant Paul Edwards, told the television news station. What appeared to be a fetus was inside a sealed plastic container inside a plastic bag, he said.

No one was arrested and no charges have been filed.
The state medical examiner is expected to perform a test on Tuesday to determine whether it was indeed a fetus and if so how old it was, if it was a miscarriage or abortion and who the mother is.

The woman, whose identity was not released, was interviewed and released, he said.
“When the woman saw the police officers approaching she walked directly over to the police officers and handed it over,” Edwards said. He did not elaborate.