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Gay couple ordered to leave California mall after kissing

By Mason White 6:32 AM March 6, 2013
Daniel Chesmore with Jose Guzman 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A couple who were kissing each other at a California shopping mall were ordered to leave by a security guard and the couple claims the reason behind it is because they are gay, according to press reports in California.

The gay couple said they are furious after they were given the boot because an innocent display of affection.
“We were holding hands and kissing on the cheek,” Daniel Chesmore told a New York newspaper. “It was a friendly kiss not a sexual kiss. There was nothing sexual about it,” he added.

Chesmore, 21, said he and his boyfriend, Jose Guzman, 24, had been at the Westfield Galleria, located in Roseville, California, for all of two minutes before a security guard confronted them and told them that their conduct was inappropriate because there were children around.

“If you continue to kiss, you will be asked to leave the mall. Period,” the guard is heard saying in a recording Chesmore took of the incident.
Later, the security guard said that they kissed 25 times.

Chesmore said there was no way he and Guzman kissed 25 times, adding that the statement made by the security was exaggerated only because they are gay.

“I feel isolated,” Chesmore said. “I feel I am being discriminated against because of my sexual orientation. Somehow I’m a threat to children,” he told the newspaper.

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