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Walmart employee arrested after eating Oreo cookies from store shelves

By Mason White 8:33 AM March 6, 2013
Penny S. Winters 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A Walmart employee was arrested after the company outed her to police as she was caught on video stealing and eating Oreo cookies off of store shelves, according to police reports in Indiana.

Police said that the Walmart employee was charged with felony theft after she was caught eating Oreos stolen from the shelves of the store during her work hours.

When confronted by the police with the video of the alleged robbery, Penny S. Winters, 63, admitted that she ate the cookies and said she had been doing it for years.

After an open box of Oreos were discovered in a Walmart store in Portage, Indiana, the company conducted an investigation. The investigation uncovered that a former Walmart employee not only consumed Oreos she had not paid for, but also took other junk food from the company every week for four years. Penny S. Winters, 63, was also captured on video during her night shift eating the popular sandwich cookies.

In an incident report provided by police in Portage, Indiana, state officials responded to the Portage Walmart, in reference to an investigation of internal theft. Upon arrival, police spoke with the manager of Walmart who said that the empty food container was inside the store, along with surveillance video images, which showed that Winters was responsible.

Winters admitted to stealing cookies and other items about once or twice a week during her employment in the Portage store and at her previous position at a Walmart near her hometown in Tucson, Arizona. She regularly ate gum, snacks, chips, sandwiches and chocolates, according to the police report.

Winters said that she knew taking unpaid items was wrong and promised that it will never happen again. However, Walmart dismissed her.

Winters was employed as a full-time maintenance worker earning her an hourly wage of $11.40.
Winters told police that she had been an employee of Walmart for about seven years.

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