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Fake bishop sneaks into high profile Vatican cardinals conference

By Mason White 5:53 PM March 6, 2013
Ralph Napierski 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) More than 100 holy figures were unable to detect the fraudster among them as a fake bishop sneaked into a high profile Vatican meeting meant only for cardinals, according to press reports in Rome.

A man dressed as a bishop managed to sneak through at the meeting of more than 100 cardinals at the Vatican this week, before being expelled by Swiss Guards.

Ralph Napierski wore a short tunic, an unusual cross necklace and a purple belt which was actually a scarf, according to a local Italian newspaper. Instead of a skull cap, he wore a black felt hat.

He told reporters that his name was Basil, and a member of the Corpus Dei, which is a German church described online as a “Catholic Order after episcopal law”.

Before being discovered, the false bishop told reporters that the church made a mistake by moving priests who were accused of pedophilia around to different parishes.

Napierski is also involved in Jesus Yoga which promotes hidden and ancient techniques of Christian meditation, according to his website.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view