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Men caught on video burning garbage bag full of dogs in Brooklyn New York

By Mason White 6:32 PM March 6, 2013
Pile of burning trash 

By: John Roberts
Several men were caught on video burning a garbage bag full of dogs, according to press reports in New York.

The shocking surveillance video showed the moment when two men threw a burning garbage bag full of puppies in front of a New York store.

The video of the incident Saturday morning, on East 91st Street in Canarsie, Brooklyn, showed a white van that pulled up outside the building of a soda distribution company at 1:30 am.

Two men came out of the van and left a black garbage bag in a trash pile next to the dumpster.
They lit a small fire, which grew steadily, before they left.

Workers discovered the charred remains of dogs, an adult and three pit bull puppies, when they got to work several hours later.
Sammy Omar, who found the animals, told a local television news station: “It was horrible, a very bad scene. Why would someone do this? I hope someone recognizes them and comes forward.”

The New York Police Department has launched an investigation and the ASPCA said it had been informed of the crime.
It is unclear if the dogs were alive or dead when the fire was started.