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Child loses thousand of Lego pieces as it falls onto busy highway

By Mason White 6:46 PM March 7, 2013
Thousands of Lego bricks on busy highway 

By: John Roberts
A child was devastated after thousands of pieces of Lego suddenly fell out from the car onto a busy U.S. highway, according to photos uploaded to the internet.

The road was filled with tiny bricks as the epic Lego spill on Interstate 79 in West Virginia, on Sunday, resulted in a case of bad traffic and a little sad child.

According to press reports, firefighter Eric McClain took a photo while helping with the cleanup, which was then posted on facebook. The photo showed thousands of tiny Lego bricks scattered on the road, while police and firefighters directed traffic.

There is no need to panic because a Lego truck did not explode. A woman named Tiffany Lantz saw the picture on facebook and offered an explanation:
“The Lego bricks belonged to my 11-year-old son. The bricks were in bags tied to the top of the Durango belt when it became loose. All of the bricks then fell onto the road. It seemed like an eternity, but I tried to recover as much as I could because I have no money to buy him more.”

She then posted a quick follow-up:
“Sorry to anyone who got stuck in traffic.
I have no words on how many pieces Lantz was able to recover.”

Many commenters suggested that she contact Lego as the toy company has a reputation for generosity and good humor when children lose their toys.