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Female rape victim faces expulsion from college for creating bad environment for her rapist

By Mason White 5:05 AM March 8, 2013
Landen Gambill (left) 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A female college student who was the victim of rape is now being raped all over again after being threatened with expulsion because she created a hostile environment for her alleged rapist, according to press reports in North Carolina.

When student Landen Gambill at the University of North Carolina complained to the Honor Court about her former boyfriend who had raped her, she ended up being mistreated again.

Gambill, a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill, now faces expulsion for creating an “intimidating environment” for her former boyfriend. She feels that this is retaliation for her going public about the rape and in line with college policy to cover up sexual violence on campus.

“Some administrators have decided to continue their vendetta against me by charging me with violations in the Honor Court,” Gambill wrote on her facebook page. “This is happening despite the fact that I never identified my alleged rapist,” she also wrote.

In fact, she was told by the Honor Court that merely reporting her rape would violate the code.

In a statement released Monday, UNC-Chapel Hill denied the claim, saying: “Given that these decisions are made by charging students Attorneys General and not by campus administrators, a claim of retaliation by the University would be without merit.”

Gambill told a local television news station that an assistant dean actually helped her former boyfriend file a complaint with the Honor Court.

Last spring, Gambill reported the attack to the school, which directed her complaint to the Honor Court. The court found her former boyfriend not guilty.

“It is very clear that these people had no idea what sexual assault is and what consent is,” Gambill told the television news station. “They riled that I was emotionally unstable and could not be telling the truth because I had attempted suicide,” she added.

Gambill admitted that she tried to commit suicide because of the sexual relationship with her verbally abusive boyfriend. Some students at the university also claim that Gambill made up the rape claims because she didn’t like her former boyfriend.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view