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15,000 sharks shut down Florida beaches

By Mason White 6:09 AM March 8, 2013
Shark on Florida beach 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) If you scheduled a vacation to Florida in order to enjoy one of its beautiful beaches you have a big problem.

A large swarm of sharks closed down the beaches of Florida. The sharks are migrating up the East Coast. While impressive, the sharks are forcing spring breakers out of the water.

Tens of thousands of predatory sharks, mainly black tip and spinner sharks, are coming ashore. They are coming too close to swimmers during their annual migration so officials decided to shut down the beaches.

“We saw something moving in the water and everyone said, ‘Sharks!'” One witness in Palm Beach, Florida, told a television news station.

Craig Pollock, a lifeguard supervisor in Palm Beach, said that sharks mostly do not to disturb the area beaches.
“We do not have a sandbar. Often when we have a sandbar sharks stay out of the bank a little more,” he said.
Shark sightings are not uncommon on South Florida beaches.

“Every year we expect the annual shark migration coming through this area,” Pollock said.
However, migration from Florida to North Carolina usually begins and ends well before the season’s most popular beach season in Florida. But that’s not the case this year.

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University said that they have counted about 15,000 sharks. Most of them were seen within 600 feet from the shore.

“It is the beauty of life in Florida,” Laura Salerno, a beach goer in Palm Beach, said. “It is also a danger,” she added.
As a precaution, many beaches are on high alert today, with double red flags waving to keep swimmers out of the water, at least for now.

“People really need to pay attention to these warnings because thank God it is a public beach and they have lifeguards with these warnings,” Elizabeth Horowitz, who is a beach goer, said. “Sharks do not have to take us into account,” she added.

Blacktip sharks make up only 20 percent of unprovoked attacks in Florida. However, during this migration, the people there are not taking any chances.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view