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Elderly Jewish Canadian couple choked to death in Florida

By Mason White 9:30 AM March 8, 2013
David Pichosky and Rochelle Wise 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) An elderly Jewish couple who escaped to Florida for the winter was found strangled to death, according to a new report issued by police after extensive testing.

Nearly two months after the murders of David Pichosky and Rochelle Wise, police were able to confirm that the couple died from asphyxia. Hallandale Beach police said that further forensic analysis in what they describe as a treasure of evidence might still explain the motive for their deaths.

Police also said that these were senseless killings inflicted on a couple who had a devout life, complete with family, friends and love for others.

“How can someone just come into your house and just kill them? There simply seems to be no rhyme or reason for this murder,” a police detective told a local Florida newspaper.

During a press conference held in Hallandale Beach, Florida, on Wednesday, it was revealed that Pichosky, 71, and Wise, 66, died of suffocation.
He said at least two suspects were involved in the death of the retirees, whose bodies were discovered by a neighbor inside the house.

A police detective said it could take several months to complete the analysis of more than 100 pieces of evidence police have collected.
“We have a wealth of evidence,” the police officer said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view