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Jewish Jerusalem chef creates delicious locust menu

By Mason White 7:15 PM March 9, 2013
Moshe Basson 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) An Israeli kosher chef rejoiced the arrival of the locusts, as he now received a large supply to introduce into his menu in his restaurant near Jerusalem’s old city, according to video uploaded to the internet.

When Moshe Basson heard that millions of locusts swarmed the border of Egypt only two weeks before Passover, his first thought was not the sinister biblical precedent, or agricultural devastation caused by the insects. What he thought is how to make several delicious locusts entrees on his menu.

Basson, the head chef at the kosher acclaimed restaurant The Eucalyptus, has suggested a new way of dealing with the plague, eating them all. Locusts are the only insects that are both kosher and halal. Basson, a specialist in food of biblical times, has served it for years on his menus. What others have seen as a pest, he saw as a windfall.

“I received calls from religious people who said they would pay anything to eat locusts. I have received huge payments from people who want I should cook locusts for them at home. At the restaurant, we charge around 90 shekels or $25 a plate,” Basson said.

“The locusts taste something between sunflower seeds and baby shrimps. They don’t taste like much. People want it not because they taste good but because they are rare,” Basson added.

Millions of locusts came into Israel on Tuesday, strong winds carried them into Israel from Egypt. They were the survivors of a swarm of more than 30 million insects that had invaded Egypt for more than a week, causing millions of dollars in damage to crops and destroyed markets in Cairo.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view