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Judge rules that traffic cameras are nothing more than a government scam

By Mason White 4:05 AM March 11, 2013
Judge Robert Ruehlman 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A judge finally took action and confirmed what many citizens already knew that traffic cameras are nothing more than a scam, according to court proceedings in Ohio.

The judge ordered Elmwood Place, Ohio, to stop their speeding ticket frenzy after the installation traffic cameras.
Judge Robert Ruehlman ruled Thursday that Elmwood Place is running what he called a scam against motorists. The city began to use the cameras last year. This resulted in 6600 tickets for speeding in the first month for $105 each.

Business owners and motorists accused the city in a lawsuit that the traffic cameras are damaging commerce and the image of the city. The lawsuit also claims that the city put the traffic cameras into use without following Ohio law for a public notice on new ordinances. The lawsuit also states that the tickets are unconstitutional and just a money grab.

City officials said that the use of the traffic cameras has been confirmed by other courts and made people more secure.