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Israeli man arrested in Egypt after trying to pray at holy site

By Mason White 11:46 AM March 11, 2013
Israeli-Egyptian border crossing 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
An Israeli Jewish man was arrested and charged with illegal entry related charges after entering Egypt without a visa in order to visit and pray at a holy site, according to press reports in Egypt.

The official Palestinian Authority news agency reported yesterday that an Israeli citizen had been arrested over the weekend inside Egypt near the Egyptian-Israeli border. The man, according to the report, tried to infiltrate the Sinai through the Taba crossing.

He was able to make it through the Israeli side, but was stopped while trying to enter Egypt. He did not have a visa or any identification document.

According to the report, the Israeli man is Jewish and a resident of Tel Aviv. The man reportedly told the Egyptian authorities that he had planned to visit the tomb of Rabbi Yaakov Abuchatzeira in the city of Damanhour.

He said he had planned to leave Egypt to Morocco, at a later time. He is currently being held by the Egyptian authorities. No further decision has been made, the report said.

The Israeli authorities have launched an investigation into the reported incident. The man was identified as 29-year-old Gabriel Abu Shlomo. The Egyptian police have also said that the man is addicted to certain drugs