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Defense attorney for Muslim terrorist demands Jew free jury

By Mason White 11:13 AM March 12, 2013
Abdel Hameed Shehadeh 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A Jewish defense attorney for a Muslim terrorist is demanding a Jew free jury, according to court proceedings in Brooklyn, New York.

The attorney is whipping up an offensive plan to defend an accused terrorist in Brooklyn federal court, to get rid of the Jews.
Attorney Frederick Cohn asked a judge today to prohibit Jews from the jury in the case against Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, who is accused of lying about trying to join jihadists in Pakistan.

“Since there will be inflammatory testimony about Jews and Zionism, I think it would be difficult for Jews to be impartial,” Cohn, who is himself Jewish, said.

“The U.S. Jewish community is strongly aligned with Israel and Zionism. Here’s a guy who is a Muslim, who opposes those things,” he added.
The controversial issue of banning Jews first emerged during a recent court hearing.

“Your Honor, as you know, I’m not crazy about having Jews on the jury in this case,” Cohn told Eric Vitaliano, a Brooklyn federal judge, last month.

Federal prosecutors William Sarratt and James Loonam, slammed the proposal.
“I do not think that we are ready to violate the constitution and exclude people from the jury on the basis of their religious beliefs,” the prosecutor told the judge.

Magistrate Judge Levy will begin jury selection this week.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view