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Airplane passenger arrested after carrying 26,000 diamonds

By Mason White 7:01 PM March 12, 2013
The 26,000 diamonds 

By: John Roberts
A man was arrested and charged with smuggling related charges after attempting to smuggle 26,000 diamonds through Moscow International Airport, according to a statement by Moscow airport officials.

The Russian citizen attempted to smuggle 26,000 diamonds, valued at a staggering $162,000, into the country has been arrested in Moscow airport.

The diamonds had a total weight of 66 grams or 830 carats, and have been confiscated by customs officials at Moscow’s international airport.

The passenger arrived on a flight from Dubai, but his identity has not been revealed.
He hid undeclared diamonds of various shapes and colors inside Apple iPhone 5 cases.

“Experts estimated the value of the diamonds at 5 million rubles or about $162,000,” customs officials said in a press release.
“The detained passenger said that the diamonds belonged to an acquaintances who simply asked him to deliver it to Moscow,” the statement said.

According to the report, the confiscated diamonds have been sent for further evaluation.
All goods with a total value of over $13,000 are subject to customs duties and must be declared on entering the country, according to Russian law.