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Employee caught on video using fake fingers to sign in for colleagues

By Mason White 6:19 AM March 13, 2013
The silicone fingers 

By: Eva Fett
An employee was arrested and charged with fraud related charges after she was caught on video signing in for her colleagues using fake fingers, according to press reports in Brazil.

The Brazilian doctor faces fraud charges after being caught on camera using silicone fingers to sign on for work for absent colleagues, police said.

Thaune Nunes Ferreira, 29, was arrested Sunday for using the prosthetic fingers to fool the biometric attendance device used in the hospital where she works near Sao Paulo.

She is accused of concealing the absence of six colleagues.
Her lawyer said she was forced into the fraud after being threatened to lose her job.

The local public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on Monday.
The doctor was arrested by local police after a two-week investigation in the city of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, and was released on Sunday.

Police said that the doctor was in possession of six silicone finger at the time of her arrest, three of which have already been identified as having the fingerprints of co-workers.
The Brazilian Health Ministry has said it will launch its own investigation into the local hospital.