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Judge rules Turbo Tax can make fun of H&R Block

By Mason White 10:59 AM March 14, 2013
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By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) H&R Block sued TurboTax after a recent advertisement by TurboTax claimed that some H&R Block employees are plumbers, according to court proceedings in Missouri.

For the second time in less than two months, the District Court for the Western District of Missouri ruled against H&R Block, and refused to grant an order restraining Intuit, which is the maker of TurboTax software, from running commercials which tease the experience level of the tax preparers at H&R Block.

As they had done before, the tax preparation giant claimed that TurboTax was guilty of false advertising, since two of their recent announcements, in which it claims that H&R Block employees are doubling as plumbers, H&R Block argued that those claims were false or misleading.

TurboTax advertisements claim that H&R Block employees are not tax professionals and are experts in tax preparation, consumers using TurboTax will have their questions answered by a CPA, Enrolled Agent, or a tax attorney and that TurboTax is used by more U.S. residents to file their returns than any product or service offered by H&R Block and other important retail tax preparation service.
H&R Block denied all these allegations but a judge ruled that TurboTax claims are all true.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view