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Couple arrested after taking along their little children to rob bank

By Mason White 5:39 PM March 14, 2013
Wells Fargo bank branch location 

By: Sarah Weiss
A couple was arrested and charged with bank robbery related charges after robbing a bank along with their children, according to police reports in Utah.

The husband and wife team of bank robbers have been arrested in Utah after taking their two children along the ride.
Police in Utah said that the man and woman, both 27-years-old, were arrested Monday shortly after a Wells Fargo bank location was robbed. A five-year-old and a two-year-old child, were in the backseat of the getaway car.

According to a local newspaper, the couple told police they robbed the bank because they faced evictions and rising medical costs.
Employees told police that the woman entered the bank and showed the teller a note demanding money.
The woman allegedly ran from the bank to the car, which was driven by the man.

Police said they searched the vehicle and found the demand note, along with hundreds of dollars in cash. They were arrested and charged with bank robbery. Their children were placed with children services.