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New York woman jailed after complaining about stop and frisk

By Mason White 6:53 PM March 14, 2013
Kaylan Pedine 

By: John Roberts
A woman was arrested and detained after she complained about police stop and frisk in New York City, according to a new lawsuit filed in court in New York.

The New York Police Department stop and frisk policy is under attack and so is talking about it, the new lawsuit claims.

The social worker from New York, was handcuffed and thrown in jail for criticizing the program near passing police officers, the woman claims in her lawsuit.

Kaylan Pedine, 29, was talking about politics with her friends at Mercury Bar in Midtown Manhattan, when two officers walked by. “I would like to stop those stop and frisks,” she said while the police officers were passing, the lawsuit states.

That is when officer Craig Campion ordered Pedine to turn around and handcuffed her in front of spectators, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan.

After less than an hour in a cell, she was released and issued a summons for blocking vehicular traffic but the Greenpoint resident said he never stepped off the sidewalk.

A trial is scheduled to begin next week in Manhattan federal court on a lawsuit filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, alleging that police routinely violate the constitutional rights of minorities by targeting them illegally for questioning on the basis of race.
The city argues that “stop and frisk” battles crime in neighborhoods.