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$1 billion in diamonds for sale in Ramat Gan Israel trade show

By Mason White 2:15 PM March 15, 2013
Israeli diamond dealer inspecting a diamond 

By: David Ross
A massive amount of diamonds are now for sale at the trade show in Ramat Gan, Israel, according to press reports in Israel.

It is the first joint effort between the United States and Israel to sell diamonds on the floor of the Israel Diamond Exchange located in the Israeli stock exchange.

Polished diamonds worth more than $1 billion will be offered for sale at a fair to be held at the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan.

More than 150 Israeli companies have registered for the U.S. International diamond trade show, where a wide range of polished stones will be on display and for sale.
The trade show is scheduled for next week.

The show is expected to help Israeli diamond dealers to continue recovering from the global decline in prices affecting the diamond industry worldwide.