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Florida man arrested after writing and handing over ticket to police officer

By Mason White 7:15 PM March 16, 2013
Tippy Iwin Peek 

By: David Ross
A man was arrested after writing and giving a ticket to a police officer, according to statement by Florida police.

the Florida man was arrested after allegedly showing a badge that said he was a bounty hunter and refused to comply with law enforcement officials.

Deputies from the Lake County Sheriff’s department stopped Tippy Iwin Peek, 55, in a traffic stop around 6:00 pm Monday. Deputies said that Peek’s vehicle tag was expired and his windows were illegally tinted.

Peek, who had a knife, refused to give the deputy his license, registration or proof of insurance, according to the arrest report. He presented a badge saying he was a bounty hunter and a private attorney general, the report said.

Peek told the officer that he was under no obligation to register the vehicle or have a driver’s license according to his constitutional rights.

Peek then slapped the deputy with a homemade ticket for violating the color of law.
Color of law abuses occur when a law enforcement official denies another person their constitutional rights.

The report also said that deputies searched his car and found a box containing marijuana, an altered driver’s license, and a blue flashing light on the center console, which could be mistaken for a police vehicle. Peek allegedly grabbed one of the officer’s hands away when the officer tried to search the car.

He was arrested and charged with resisting an officer without violence, battery on an officer, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.