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Only 10 percent of Israelis have favorable view of president Obama

By Mason White 3:43 PM March 17, 2013
Obama and Netanyahu meet 

By: Sarah Weiss
The number of Israelis sporting a favorable view of president Obama, sank to an all time low of just 10 percent, according to a new poll released this week.

The new survey conducted by the Israelis Maagar Mohot Institute and the Israeli daily Maariv revealed that 38 percent of israelis believe that Obama is hostile to Israel, while 14 percent believe that Obama is indifferent. Only 33 percent think that Obama is supportive.

Moreover, Obama faces strong unfavorable ratings in the country, according to the survey. Some 32 percent of Israelis said they do not like Obama, but they respect him, 19 percent see him unfavorably and 17 percent have a very unfavorable opinion of him.

Perhaps the most daunting numbers for Obama in the survey is that only 10 percent of Israelis view Obama favorably.