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Britain’s real life superhero couple resigns after getting beat up

By Mason White 5:06 AM March 18, 2013
Knight Warrior and Knight Maiden 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) Britain’s real life superhero couple resigned from fighting crime after being on the receiving end of a severe beat down on the street, according to press reports in Manchester, England.

Salford’s own superhero couple now left their job for the police.
The Knight Warrior, whose real name is Roger Hayhurst, hung up his cape and will concentrate on hia new radio show.

Roger said that a street attack sparked his decision to drop his fight against crime, even though he will be get back into his costume for charity appearances.

But superheroes like Superman and Spider-Man inspired his decision to pursue his dream of becoming a broadcast journalist.
Roger first made headlines in July 2011, and soon attracted national attention for his patrolling the streets of Swinton, breaking up fights and fighting against anti social behavior.

The publicity attracted the attention of 18-year-old Rebecca Wall or the Knight Maiden, and the two got engaged and now live together at a home in Swinton.

Both have reduced their activities in the fight against crime after Roger was attacked last summer. The couple now hosts a radio program on Salford City Radio.

Roger, 20, said: “We were recognized when we were walking through Clifton and some guys started hitting me. My face was all swollen. I still dress and patrol occasionally, but only for charity appearances. Rebecca has shed her suit as well.”

Roger is considering the possibility of transforming himself to a full time journalist following in the footsteps of other media savvy caped crusaders, like Superman and Spider-man.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view