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48 bus passengers flee after New York bus gets covered in cockroaches

By Mason White 6:37 AM March 18, 2013
Greyhound bus 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) When bus passengers boarded a bus in New York, they did not know that they will ride together with thousands of large cockroaches.

A Greyhound bus ride in New York City on Friday turned into a horror movie for passengers who were suddenly swarmed by a cockroach invasion that forced the driver to stop and evacuate the vehicle.

The cockroaches began to emerge about 15 minutes after the bus departed from Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Friday morning, a spokesperson for Greyhound, said.

The driver then stopped the infested bus and the 48 bus passengers waited for a replacement vehicle.
Cell phone photos showing armies of cockroaches running around on the seats and floor were published by the local press, supplied by the passengers on the bus.

“We at Greyhound apologize for this inconvenience and have spoken to each passenger with respect to this incident,” Tim Stokes, a spokesperson for Greyhound, a unit of Scotland based FirstGroup Plc, said in a statement.

“Currently, our team is investigating the situation and trying to determine the cause,” Stokes said.
The company said it had refunded the fees for passengers and that the passengers arrived without further incident in the city of New York that afternoon.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view