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Man caught on video using iPad to record up skirt of fashion model Brittanie Weaver

By Mason White 4:38 AM March 19, 2013
Man caught looking up Brittanie Weaver’s dress 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A man was caught on video using his iPad to record up the skirt of a popular fashion model, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Fashion model Brittanie Weaver noticed the man following her around at a pet store in Los Angeles, California, was using his iPad to take video up her skirt as he bent over to pet her dog. After finding out what the man was doing, Weaver attempted to write a note to the woman working behind the counter of the store. When that did not work, she contacted the police.

Security video of the incident has been released in an attempt to catch the man. Weaver told a local television news station: “He remained on his knees and fell over. It looked like he could not balance himself properly. I realized at the time that I got to the counter that he had been shooting up my dress with his iPad. I wanted to confront him, but he had a city employee badge. I was not sure and did not want a confrontation. So I tried to stay calm and tried to write a note to the girl at the counter.”

After the incident, Weaver took to twitter to describe her shock and disgust to her 28,000 followers. “So sick of everything that happened today. Exhausted,” she wrote on the site.

Someone said to her: “I saw you on the news and people are sick. What can we do? It’s hard to be single, and be careful because people are sick.”Mobile video not loading? Click here to view