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Photos of full figured female store mannequins go viral

By Mason White 6:06 AM March 19, 2013
Full figured female mannequins 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Full figured store mannequins are turning out to be extremely popular, according to press reports in the United States.

Retail store mannequins have always been criticized for being too thin and not accurately reflect the average woman’s body.

Now, the new mannequins in Sweden are getting online attention for showing a more realistic female figure. A blogger for Women’s Rights News published a photo of fuller-figured mannequins inside a clothing store in Sweden, and the photo has since gone viral.

Instead of having extremely thin waists, arms and legs, the thighs of the dummies are a little thicker, softer stomachs and a few extra pounds. Not only that, but the fatter women are not covered in clothing but in skimpy lingerie.

Normally, the average size mannequin at department stores is four or six. The average size of a typical U.S. woman is 14.

So far, the picture has accumulated more than 2,800 comments on Facebook and about 16,500 shares. Many commentators praised the photos for reflecting real female body types. One commenter wrote: “Finally, mannequins showing how clothes fit real women. I’m going to switch where I go shopping!”