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$3 Chinese bowl sells for $2.2 million

By Mason White 4:58 AM March 20, 2013
Rare Chinese bowl that was sold for $2.2 million 

By: Moses Gold
How can you turn $3 into $2 million? Buy a Chinese bowl.

A rare Chinese dish bought at a tag sale for $3 has sold at auction in New York for more than $2.22 million.

The bowl, estimated to be more than 1,000-years-old, was part of the opening session of fine Chinese ceramics and works of art at Sotheby Auction, Tuesday.

Sotheby said it was sold to a London dealer for $2.225 million, well above the estimated price of $200,000 to $300,000.
The person who put the bowl up for auction bought it in a tag sale in 2007 and it had been in his living room for several years.

He became curious about its origins and had it examined.
The bowl is 5 inches in diameter, white and from the Northern Song Dynasty.