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Police officer jailed after abandoning Israeli Embassy in London to have an affair

By Mason White 1:36 PM March 20, 2013
Melissa Ramsden, the woman with whom Ricci Giff had an affair 

By: David Ross
A British police officer was jailed after placing the Israeli Embassy under risk of attack, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

The police officer who admitted to abandoning his duties to protect the Israeli Embassy in London has been sentenced to nine months in prison.

Ricci Giff, 38, who is married with two children, was responsible for the diplomatic protection. He admitted to leaving the patrol area three times, even when he should have been watching the Embassy of Israel, in order to carry out an affair with Melissa Ramsden, who is the public relations director of the Office of Tourism of the Government of Israel.

Melissa Ramsden later committed suicide.

Prosecutor Claire Howell said: “He was fully armed and presumably part of a high-profile unit caring for a high-profile target.
He, more than anyone, would have known the potentially catastrophic results if something happened and there was a delay in response time.”

Although Giff said he had left his radio on in case of emergency, the judge said: “It is likely that in reality it would be very difficult for you to respond quickly if you were in the middle of making love with her during these periods.” Giff’s lawyer said that Giff had apologized to his wife and disappointed police colleagues.