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‘Death To Jews’, swastikas painted on Jewish homes and shops in Tel Aviv

By Mason White 3:15 PM March 20, 2013
Swastikas on Jewish shops in Tel Aviv 

By: Shifra Unger
Hate crimes were reported today in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, just as Obama touched down in Ben Gurion Airport, according to press reports in the United States.

Israeli police said that vandals have painted hate graffiti on several houses of Jews in Jaffa, a mixed Israeli and Arab neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

The Israeli police spokesperson, Micky Rosenfeld, said that swastikas and “Death to Jews” were sprayed on houses and shops early Wednesday. He said police have launched an investigation.

Israeli Jews, Arab Muslims and Christians generally coexist peacefully in the port city. Hate crimes in Jaffa are not common.