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Mother jailed after allowing diabetic daughter to eat sweets

By Mason White 4:42 AM March 21, 2013
Georgia Jones and her daughter Chasity Butler 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested and charged after her daughter died from complications of diabetes, according to court proceedings in Texas.

Now, the Texas mother was jailed for the death of her diabetic daughter after failing to control her condition by allowing her to eat sugar filled sweets.

Georgia Jones, 31, will spend the next 16 years locked up after confessing to feeding Chasity Butler, who was only nine-years-old, foods that are high in sugar.

She also left Chasity, who died in her mother’s bed with a bag full of candy and a half-eaten muffin. She allowed the little girl to monitor her own blood glucose readings and insulin injections.

Jones, of Dallas, was arrested a year after the death of her daughter. A coroner ruled that her death was from complications of diabetes type I.

Jones was, according to the state police and Child Protective Services, responsible for failing to prevent the death as she did not control or treat her daughter’s condition.

Detectives revealed that Jones has not attended a Diabetes 101 class one week after her daughter fell into a coma and was diagnosed with the disease in 2005.

The night of her death, Chasity, who had dangerously high levels of glucose, stomach pains and diarrhea, was fed noodles and sweets to celebrate her sister’s birthday.

“The diabetes was not adequately controlled causing her to be constantly sick and in bed instead of leading a normal life like other children of her age,” Dallas police documents said.
Jones pleaded guilty and was sentenced by Judge Gary Stephens on Monday.