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Israeli soldiers and yeshiva students work together to help the needy

By Mason White 1:24 PM March 21, 2013
Yeshiva student with Israeli soldier 

By: David Ross
Every year before Passover there is an increase of help to the needy from various organizations throughout Israel and the world.

This year, numerous yeshiva students along with IDF soldiers are working closely together to make Passover as happy as possible for needy families. Groups were seen packing food boxes for the holidays at Merkaz Leaniyim Maor, a food distribution project by the Shuva Yisrael network.

The organization aims to deliver food to tens of thousands of families this year. Some of the packages will be shipped overseas to help needy Jewish families in Europe and in the United States.

Chief Rabbi Yeshayahu Pinto said in his weekly sermon that many need help this year in particular. Many families who were financially stable before have been forced to seek help for the first time, due to the persistent global economic crisis, he said.

Therefore, it is particularly important to help them enjoy a kosher Passover, he explained.
Each food package was packed with a wide variety of items, including a double package of matzoh and kosher for Passover cake.